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Sunday, 14 August 2011

ESEI WRITING COMPETITION : How Will I Spend The Winning Money..

 Rawang Integrated Boarding School has been selected among five schools in the Selangor state to participate in BP Myscience Project. We are grateful and proud that our school has been selected. In this program, selected schools must implement green activities in the school and each activity should be reported in the BP Myscience Project Blog. The highlight of the program will be held at Ma’ Daerah, where representatives of five students and two teachers from selected schools will compete on solar boat competition.
If my school win the competition, I will spend the winning money as a  reward to all form 4 classess in return of their hardwork and struggle in handling the GREEN PROGRAMME. This is to motivate students to strive harder and actively carry out a Green Activities in school. Not to be forgotten, the teachers and all the SEPINTARIAN involved in the success of the program directly and indirectly.
Throughout the programme, all the form 4 classes were given assignments to carry out their Green Activities. Each class had held their launch of their Green Programs at school to provide information to all students about the programs they conducted. Creativity and hardwork are really shown by all students throughout  their launching event. As the reward to the best launcher, we would give the token to repay all their efforts in this programme. In addition, we also want to reward the most active class in handling the Green Activities.
The prizes  will also be used to upgrade our Herba Garden by purchasing more herbal trees to be placed in the Herbal Garden as well as fertilizer for the trees. For the moment, the trees in the Herbal Garden are still inadequate. We would like to add more herbs and flowers.
To promote the Green Programme which began in our school, we want to held more green campaign to create awareness to all schools about the importance of earth and environmental care. This is because we do not want to put a full stop for the campaign . Therefore we need financial resources to continue the Green Campaign.
We hope to win this competition so that all the plans will become a reality. Thanks to the BP MyScience Project which has opened the eyes of the SEPINTARIAN about the importance of safeguarding the earth and the environment. So it is a great honour if we are able to win this competition. Thanks to BP and all the SEPINTARIANS for the support.  GREEN THROUGHOUT OUR HEARTS, WORLD and LIFE.

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