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Monday, 4 April 2011

Trading Game and Carbon Challenge Report

On the 28th March 2011, the Carbon Challenge and Trading Game was held at the Al Aqsa Hall of SBP Integrasi Rawang.  This activity was carried out from 9 am until 3.00 pm. The students that have taken part in this activity were students from Form 4.  75 Science Stream students have taken part in Carbon Challenge while the 80 Science Islamic student in Trading Game.
Briefing from Mr Zukifli Othman

These activities were conducted entirely by BP. A representative from BP, Mr. Zukifli Othman, the External Affairs Manager was present for the both activities.
            The ceremony then proceeded with the Trading Game. Trading Game is about having fun with mathematics especially the calculation skills while learning how to be a good trader/accountant/market analyst of a company. Mr. Zukifli has given little information about the Trading Game before he started the game.

Bip for the players
Before the Trading Game gets started, students were put in 17 groups. Each group consists of 5 people and was asked to appoint a Chair Person, an Accountant, a Market Analyst and a Trader.

Some form four students in SBPI Rawang that participate in the game

This game is divided into 2 rounds. The first round was the practise round and the second round was the competition round. The practise round is to ensure the participants understand how to play the Trading Game. During the competition round, the participants  had to make the right decision in order to win. For this round, each team was given RM50,000 and a 1000 barrels of oil as initial capital.
Winners of Trading Game
                                                                                                         "I can understand 
the intricacies
                                                                                                         of business accounts and to
an entrepreneur 
in the day"
                                                                                                                           -AJMAL MUHAIMIN-

        After the Trading Game activity, the Carbon Challenge activity was carried out. Carbon Challenge is about expanding and testing our knowledge of the environment. Plus, Carbon Challenge is informing students about our carbon footprint, how important is the environment to the people and some IQ test about green-awareness. Each participant was given a remote which also known as ‘Turning Point Remote’. This Turning Point Remote is used to answer the questions provided

Presentations from selected groups

                                                                               "I realized that to save the world from pollution                                                                               is not easy but if everyone on Earth to contribute                                                                                to this effort, then our future will not be dark"                                                                                             -SYAWAL B. NASARUDDIN-
         Lastly, in conclusion, students had lot of fun gaining some new knowledge about our environment and they learned how to be a successful person in business. 

Thanks BP !


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